UW Graduate School

Employing/Paying International Students Working Abroad

International Students – New Hires & Continuing Graduate Students with WorkDay Records

  • International graduate students working for the UW from abroad must be employed throughthe foreign national process.
  • Enter them into the appropriate graduate student ASE job profile as you normally would, using the Hire Wizard as appropriate.
  • Indicate that they have a remote work location abroad. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT SO THAT TAXES ARE NOT WITHHELD.
  • Send the appropriate foreign national documentation to the ISC as described on the Foreign Nationals Payment & Tax Information website in the ISC. (Do not worry about the language that says they are not accepting these documents, they still will specifically for these graduate student jobs).
  • Once the student arrives in person, you must switch them out of foreign national status by changing their remote work location to a local Seattle location.
  • Changing work location to a local Seattle location will also trigger a requirement for the student to complete Glacier Tax Compliance to determine the correct taxation on wages for the foreign national student based on information provided.
  • Federal law will require the student to complete USCIS Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification at that time to document that they are authorized to work in the United States.

Getting Paid

  • Students who have access to a US bank account (routing number and account number) should activate direct deposit to receive their payments.
  • Those who do not provide US bank account information will have a paper check processed.
  • Paper checks will be mailed to the address in Workday that the employee provides.
  • If a student would rather have checks held for them at the ISC until they can get to the US, they should put “HOLD AT THE ISC” as the address instead of their own address.
  • Students who elect to have checks held at the ISC will need to contact the ISC when they arrive in person in order to make arrangements to obtain the checks (ischelp@uw.edu).

Important Reminders

  • This is a very temporary arrangement because of issues related to COVID-19, visa processing at embassies, etc. Nothing about this arrangement implies the ability to do this on a long-term basis for any student.
  • Students should arrive in/return to the US as soon as reasonably possible given their specific visa situation, COVID-19 restrictions around travel/entry, etc.
  • Students should be updated immediately in Workday to a local Seattle work location upon arriving in Seattle. Delays in doing this will cause problems with tax withholding. It is the employing unit’s responsibility to make these updates.
  • Students without direct deposit (receiving paper checks) should make sure their local mailing address in Workday is correct once they arrive in Seattle AND switch to direct deposit as soon as possible.