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GO-MAP Graduate Tuition and Graduate Supplemental Awards

2020-2021 GO-MAP Graduate Tuition and Graduate Supplemental Awards

GO-MAP has a limited number of Graduate Tuition and Supplemental Awards for prospective and current master’s and doctoral students. Award amounts vary depending on nomination, student financial need, and funds available.

For a prospective or current graduate student to be considered for these need-based, merit awards, nominations must be made by the student’s college/department. While there is no individual student application, students may submit a separate personal statement to supplement the departmental nomination. A statement may be especially useful if a department does not require a personal statement as part of their application. This can address factors that the department may not have information on, such as financial hardships, personal adversities, etc.

In addition to merit, awards require a student to be eligible for need-based funds as determined by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students must have a current and evaluated FAFSA on file unless they are an undocumented student. Undocumented students should contact GO-MAP directly for more information.

Departmental letters of nomination must address the following in detail:

Please note: Due to high demand, nominations that do not include detailed information addressing the following three prompts, will not be considered.

  • MERIT: What factors influenced your admission of this student? Where does this student rank among applicants? If known, include competitive offers from other institutions. Please include any additional information you feel is relevant regarding the student’s merit (600 words max).
  • DIVERSITY: Provide general statistics on underrepresented students in your program and/or discipline. How will/does this student add to the diversity of your program? What diverse perspectives will/do they bring to your program, by past experiences and achievements, by community involvement, or by scholarship? Please include any additional information you feel is relevant regarding the student’s diverse perspective (600 words max).
  • FINANCIAL NEED: Indicate the department’s funding plan for the student. What departmental resources are/have been committed to the student? (If your department is not providing funding, please explain why.) Are there any unique circumstances that add to the student’s need, such as dependents, medical expenses, daycare costs, etc.? Please include any additional information you feel is relevant regarding the student’s financial need (600 words max).

Nominations must be made in the MyGrad awards management system. Please login to nominate a student.

Due to limited funds and high demand, it is difficult to allocate multiple awards to any one department. Please limit nominations to a maximum of two per academic year and rank in order of preference (including both incoming and current students).

Deadline: For incoming graduate students, priority consideration will be given to applications received by April 1, 2020 and will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The deadline for nominating returning and incoming graduate students is June 12, 2020.    

Please email Graduate Success & Awards Officer, Willa Kurland (willamei@uw.edu), with any questions.

Revised 03/2020